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All stock showing on the website are in NZ and are available for fast delivery or same day pick up from our showrooms 🚚
All stock showing on the website are in NZ and are available for fast delivery or same day pick up from our showrooms 🚚
How to Use a Rug to Tie Your Room Together

How to Use a Rug to Tie Your Room Together

From making a statement to defining a zone, a rug is the ultimate style tool, so how to use a rug correctly is vital to design aspirations. All rugs are the foundation of a room. The wrong colour, scale, or pattern will completely throw off a room. A rug is often the first thing you source for a room and influences the other pieces you use. An empty floor is a blank slate; discover how to harness this space by incorporating rugs into your design.

Use the Rug to Add a Pop of Colour

A colourful rug may just be the piece that finishes off your space and adds a focal point that attracts everyone's attention. A rug can highlight the existing furnishings in your home. It doesn't have to be a dramatic colour with bold designs; even just a splash of colour functions can become the focal point of your room. Rug colours can immediately transform a room, capturing your attention and unifying the space.

Abstract rug used in living room


Consider how Your Rug Works with the Furniture

How to position a rug can be tricky to pin down, but once you've got it, the room will come to life. Rather than a bare floor beneath your furniture, consider using a rug. It will ground the pieces within the room and create a richer appearance. A statement rug under glass items such as dining or coffee tables leads to stunning results. The glass panels work as a viewing window, creating a design moment rather than dull flooring.


 Rug placed under coffee table


Match the Rug with Room Accessories

A rug is just as important to a room as any other furnishing; each piece must act as a family and work together aesthetically, tonally and texturally. Sometimes, the accessories will be a splash of colour rather than knick-knack sitting on a bookcase. A rug brings colour consistency to the entire area. It balances the accent and main colours to highlight every flare of colour used in the room. A rug coordinating with the accessories creates a focal point in the space with a calm atmosphere.

Rug matched with room accessories


Broaden Your Design Horizons by Playing with Texture

Colour and position aren't the only things to consider when deciding how to use a rug in your room. The texture is vital to a rug's overall design performance. Do you want a Turkish rug with traditional designs made of silk and wool or a more trendy, shaggy contemporary rug?


These various textures give rooms their personalities and diverse ambiences. A high pile rug gives warmth and comfort, while a flat, jute rug adds sophistication and elegance. Your rug's texture will complete the atmosphere you want to establish in your space.

Textured rug with furniture in living room


Find the Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Space

How to use a rug properly involves a fair bit of thought. From size and position to texture and colour, it can feel overwhelming. You can add the perfect finishing touch to your interior design by balancing these factors.


After that missing puzzle piece for your room design? Visit Rugs Direct and browse all our rugs today; we are confident we have something to suit everyone.

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