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All stock showing on the website are in NZ and are available for fast delivery or same day pick up from our showrooms 🚚
Bedroom following interior design tips

A Masterclass in Bedroom Décor: Bedroom Interior Design Tips

The bedroom is your kingdom within the home. It's the place to shake off the day's stress, so why not give it the royal treatment? We discuss some of the best bedroom interior design tips, from wall art to shaggy rugs, use these tips to make you feel like royalty in your home.


Start with a Style in Mind

Your bedroom expresses your personality more than any other room in the house. Before you start decorating, pick a style that defines your personality and will be ideal for your bedroom.

Is it rustic or contemporary? Do you want a marine-inspired setting that transports you to the beach? Maybe you're after an Italian villa-inspired style to send you halfway across the world.

There are also no rules against mixing styles. Just start with a picture in mind before it becomes a chaotic space that fails to provide the calming escape you seek.


Choose a Subtle Colour

One essential bedroom interior design tip often overlooked is the colour palette. Instead of bold primary colours, consider choosing soothing shades and a restful palette of monochromatic tones.

Remember colour theory: gentle blue, lavender, or green hues are considered calm and serene. Rich jewel-toned hues, such as browns, help set the mood of cosiness and comfort. We recommend using a toned-down version of your favourite colour in the bedroom.


Careful Choice of Furniture

Make the bed a dominant feature in your bedroom. Choose wisely, as this is a long-lasting piece of furniture in your bedroom. At the same time, avoid making your bed or headboard too large, as it will take over the room. The right balance for the space is crucial to bedroom design.  

Add a chair and look for furniture that doubles as a storage space. For example, a blanket box or ottoman with storage is ideal. A bedroom chair is always a cosy touch if you have the space.


Add Patterns and Textures

Keep the paint simple but add some drama to your bedroom with patterns and textures. Wallpapers do a fabulous job of bringing patterns into any space. Wall panelling or even a fabric headboard adds texture to the space. Patterns and textures do the job of softening a space while adding a personal touch.


Carefully Pick the Art

Art is the secret sauce that can complete your room when it comes to bedroom interior design tips. Consider a gallery wall; it's a design trend that has stood the test of time and will always look beautiful. Display your favourite art above a bed or spruce up a boring wall.

Artwork is a great way to infuse your personality into the room. Choose art that reflects your character. If you like a minimal look, pick a symmetrical layout, a clear colour theme, and a more laid-back look. If you're a little more spontaneous, go for mismatching frames or sized pieces for a point of difference.



As you will probably use your bedroom most when it is dark, the proper lighting plays an integral part in creating a calming ambience. Look for practical overhead lights using warm bulbs. Dimmable lighting options are also great if your budget allows them. Keep a mix of lighting options to suit various moods.


Add Softness with a Rug

No bedroom decor is complete without an NZ rug from Rugs Direct. They bring in colour, pattern, texture, and warmth. The right rug will pull your scheme together and help zone a space when working with a larger room.

Don't be afraid to go for a large shaggy rug; it can create maximum comfort underfoot while adding warmth and texture to wooden floors. We recommend buying a rug that fits underneath all your furniture to work as a binder that combines different décor elements.



Indulge in luxurious linens

The little things make a world of difference in interior design. Make your bedroom sheets look like they've come straight out of a five-star hotel. There's nothing that adds comfort to a bedroom like beautiful linens that are luxuriously rich.


It’s Time to get Decorating

With these bedroom interior design tips, you can start creating a personal sanctuary. There is nothing quite like flopping into bed after a long day in a room you have lovely designed yourself.

Here at Rugs Direct, we can help you achieve your design dreams with a range of high-end rugs to suit any style. Explore our range online today!

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