Free Shipping

Rug Direct offers FREE SHIPPING nation wide!! To show we value you choosing us we will ship your goods to you free of charge!

All items purchased will be shipped once payment has been received and during weekdays. Auckland post will be overnight, elsewhere in the North Island will take 1-2 working days, and South Island will take 2-3 working days. Please note if you live in a rural area delivery may take longer.

Home Consultation and Approval

Like art work hanging on the wall, a rug will create many effects within a room - a statement, mood, elegance or boldness, and an overall finish.
Here at Rug Direct we know that and want to make sure you get the effects you are after from your rug.

Before making a purchase from us, we encourage you to take the rug home before you make your final decision.
Rugs dramatically change a room so having the correct sizing, colours and designs for your space is a must.
The only way to make 100% sure that the rug is right for your space is to try it before you buy it!

Rug Directs personal and unique home consultation and approval will help you every step of the way.
Our highly skilled team, who have an unmatched knowledge of our collections and experience with colour and design schemes, will bring the rugs that you choose to your home and offer professional advice and assistance in choosing what one is right for your home for free!

Only by seeing how the rug will look and what effect it will make in the room can you be positive it's the rug for you.
Rug Direct wants your home to be made into your perfect home by working with you for a beautiful and inspiring home that expresses your individualism.

To arrange a time for us to come to you with the rugs you wish to view please contact us and we will arrange an appointment that suits you. 

Non-Residential Spaces

Our rugs aren't only found in homes, they can be found in high class hotels, restaurants, bars and retail spaces. The high quality of our rugs ensures they will last the test of time and last for many years whilst adding attitude and elegance to a room. 

Members of our team can help advice you on what rugs would be best for you, even if your on a budget. You can even take some to try in the area you want to place it. 

We know that a rug can add value a project and therefore we carry a large variety of colors and designs in many sizes available as soon as you need them. 


Getting the correct size rug for your space is important as one too small or too big will make the space look unfinished and untidy. To ensure you get the right size for your space please visit our blog! If you have any questions feel free to come instore for assistance. 

Care and Cleaning


Both machine made and handmade rug offer excellent durability. Cleaning differs between differently made rugs, hand tufted can ONLY be dry cleaned as the glue will be ruined any other way. Machine made are excellent for cleaning as they are stain resistant, you can take them out side and wash them down or use a steam mop on them! Handknotted rugs can be cleaned and repaired almost infinitely and should last a lifetime. If liquid gets on the rug pat dry do not rub it! Rubbing will cause the dye to run and will ruin it. If your hand knotted rug requires a professional clean please contact us so we can refer you to a reliable company.


Any rug can be vacuumed as a means of cleaning, however hand tufted rugs will loose some threads when they are vacuumed as they shed. When vacuuming a hand knotted take care to avoid the tassels at each end as over time the suction from the vacuum will result in the threads moving from the pulling.


Our machine made rugs are made of fabric that will not ever fade and will stay looking new for years to come!
Hand knotted dyes fade when in the sun, it is not recommend to leave them in direct sunlight. Even if your hand knotted rug is not in direct sunlight we suggest rotating it every 3-6 months to ensure any fading that occurs will occur evenly and look like the rugs natural appearance. 

Rug Repairs

We have over 10 years of experience in repairing hand knotted rugs of any kind. By repairing a damaged rug, it insures that the damage will not get worse meaning that your rug will have a longer life and remain in top condition. We repair the rugs ourselves and take pride in having a quick turnaround time. Feel free to contact us regarding any repairs you may need (an email containing images of the damage is a huge help!) or bring the rug into our store for evaluation.



We offer quotations for rug repairs, replacements and insurance evaluations. We deal with insurance companies to help those who have had an unfortunate incident where the rug needs to be replaced. Contact us regarding any quotation you may need and we will assist you in getting the quote you need.