Stunning Handmade Afghan Design Saghari Kilim Rug 100% Wool Size: 276 x 215cm

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Oriental Saghari kilims woven by Taimani tribe, Taimani is a small tribe located in the central mountain regions of Afghanistan. Taimani Kilims have an asymmetrical knot structure. If you desire a beautiful kilim then Oriental saghari is for you. These kilims come in different sizes and beautiful colors. Oriental saghari at their best are not only extremely decorative, but they also serve a highly utilitarian purpose. 


Size: 2.76 x 2.15meter

Origin: Afghanistan

Tribe: Saghari/ Nasfanji


Material 100% Wool

Natural organic dyes

Age: New

SKU: Pk31-1141


It comes with a certificate of authenticity!


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