Persian Hand Made Qashqai Kilim Runner Size: 122 x 410cm

SKU : P9-1087
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Persian Handmade Qashqai Kilim Runner

One-of-a-kind! (reversible)

Size: 410 x 122cm
Fundaton: Wool
Pile: Wool
Origion: Iran
Tribe: Qashqai
Age: 10+years
Condition: Excellent
Rug No: P9-1087

This rug comes with a certificate of authenticity!

This Persian kilim with its diamonds within diamonds within angular outlining medallions is characteristic of the kilims of the Qashqai tribes. Kilim weaving is more or less an art of Qashqai and Lor rustic people living in Western part of Fars. The most active centers for weaving, which are also a populated region of Qashqai tribes, are Zakhrouyeh, Jegardan villages, and suburbs of Firuzabad.

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