Persian Hand Knotted Signature Mashhad Rug Size: 340 x 247cm

SKU : P15-30 (N)
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Hand-knotted guarantee! Signature Rug, "Mirza Beigi Behnam" is the name of a famous Family of Weavers in Mashhad please see attached photo of the Persian signature on the rug.

Origin: Iran / Mashhad
Weaving Type: Hand-Knotted
Size: 3.40meter x 2.47meter
Pile: Wool
Foundation: Cotton
Age: 35+ Years Old
Condition: Great due to its age, no damage or any hole.
Rug Number: P15-30

This rug comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The city of Mashhad is known for producing some of the best wool in Iran. Mashhad rugs and carpets are very high quality and are among the best-looking carpets in Iran and the world.

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