Persian Hand Knotted Luri Rug Size: 267 x 150cm

SKU : P16-551
Hand Knotted Guarantee!

One of a Kind!
Tribe: LURI
Origin: Iran
Size: 2.67 x 1.50meter
Age: 25+Years
Condition: Good condition, no holes or any tears - however the rug has a slightly uneven shape due to it's age!
Pile: 100% Wool
Foundation: Cotton
Rug Number: P16-551

It comes with a certificate of authenticity!

Where are LURI Tribe?

The LURI(LORI) people have lived as nomads for over 600 years. They are located in three different regions:
* Kermanshah [BAKHTARAN](Western IRAN)
* Kohkiluyeh (Southwestern IRAN)
These regions are all a part of the Zagros Mountains. The BAKHTIARI are a related people.

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