Persian Hand Knotted Lilian Rug Size: 193 x 120cm

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Genuine Hand Knotted Persian Lilian Semi Antique dated rug!
The weaver wove his name, Ali Aqai, into the rug in the Persian Language and dated the rug with the year 1320 from the Persian calendar. Please see attached photos.

One of a Kind!
Type: Lilian
Origin: Persian
Size: 193 x 120cm
Design: Floral
Pile: Wool
Foundation: Cotton
Age: 75+Years
Condition: Great, due to its age. 
Weave: Handmade
Rug Number: P8-76

It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity!

South of the City of Arak (formerly Sultanabad) and about ten miles west of Khomein lies a small area called Kemerah. This is where Lilihan (Lylyan) used to be located. Now, Lilian pieces are woven in the Province of Markad by Persian Armenians.

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