Persian Hand Knotted Bakhtiari Rug Size: 210 x 330cm

SKU : P9-96


Size is approx: 210cm x 330cm 

Texture: Soft wool 

Foundation: Cotton 

Pile: 100% Wool 

Origin: Iran 

Tribe: Bakhtiari 

Age: 15+ Years 

Rug Number: P9-96 

It Comes with Certificate Of Authenticity! 

An extraordinary, happily well-preserved example of the best of Bakhtiari tribal rug weaving, this entirely unique art-level piece is also masterfully crafted. A spectrum of deep, skillfully wrought tones highlighted by a brilliant sapphire blue fills the rows of blossoms that enclose its grand ivory medallion. This turn of the 20th century antique carpet’s fine knotting, referred to by this tribe as Bibibaff or “Grandmother’s Weave” infuses a crisp, admirable clarity to each silhouetted flower, quietly evoking the wonder of a garden in full bloom. This antique Persian village rug is remarkably in heavy pile condition. 

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