Mrirt Berber, Perfect Design Woollen Rug, Beautiful Moroccan Rug Size: 306 x 210cm

SKU : LE3-958
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Handmade MRIRT Moroccan rugs have been increasingly popular in recent years. Each rug is made individually over a period of months to create a unique design. Beautiful colours and design that each model has a different meaning, symbolizing traditions, luck and happiness. Artistically designed to complete a contemporary look to any space, create a highly decorative suspended element or as a luxurious flooring. 


Size is approx: 3.06m x 2.10meter 

Origin: Morocco 

Tribe: Middle Atlas Mrirt

Foundation: Pure Wool 

Pile: Pure Wool 

Condition: Excellent

SKU: LE3-958


It comes with a certificate of authenticity! 

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