Turkish Oriental Design Rug

SKU : 3389A-Cream/Black-120

At 1.5 million points per square metre you know this traditional rug is as premium as it gets! The Oriental Collection provides a dense pile, high quality, soft feel. The denser the pile, the better defined the pattern and also increases ease of manageability and cleaning. A dense traditionally designed collection to last the ages, with quality to last just as long. Made with 100% fine heat set polypropylene and weaved by the latest computer technology workbench! 

- Brand new

- Ecological

- Soil repellent

- Anti Allergenic

- Anti-static

- Color fast

- Not inflammable

- Anti Bacterial 

- Resilient

- Excellent quality

- Moth proof

- Easy to clean

- Water repellent

- Made in Turkey

- Colour: Cream, Gold & Black

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