Traditional Royal Palace Garden Design Rug

SKU : 14028-4545

The eye-catching versatile designs of Royal Palace Collection rugs are perfect for creating a luxurious traditional or modern vibe in any home setting.

- Material: Viscose

- Height: 3mm

- Construction: Machine-made 

- Anti Allergy 

- Anti Static 

- Made in Belgium

Care Instruction: Dry Clean Only 

- Colour: Green 

- SKU: 14028-4545


Viscose fiber is produced artificially from natural cellulose. Carpets made of this material are very similar in appearance to silk. They are smooth and pleasant to the touch, retain their texture for a long time - the pile is not crushed by intensive walking on the carpet. Viscose products are durable, strong, do not electrify and do not cause allergic reactions. Since the viscose yarns are well dyed, the carpet retains its original freshness for a long time.

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