Traditional Border Design Rug

SKU : 3388A-Blue-200
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At 1.5 million points per square metre, you know this traditional Oriental Collection rug is as premium as it gets. Dense pile, high quality, soft feel. The denser the pile, the better defined the pattern and also increases ease of manageability and cleaning. A dense traditionally designed collection to last the ages, with quality to last just as long. Made with 100% fine heat-set polypropylene and weaved by the latest computer technology workbench! 

- Brand new 
- Ecological 
- Soil repellent 
- Anti Allergenic 
- Anti-static 
- Colour fast  
- Anti Bacterial 
- Resilient 
- Excellent quality 
- Mothproof 
- Easy to clean 
- Water repellent 
- Colour: Blue, Cream and Beige
- Made in Turkey

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