Persian Turkman Hand Knotted Rug Size: 155 x 300cm


Hand Knotted Turkman Persian Rug

Design & Pattern: Bukhara
Pile: Wool
Warp & Weft: Cotton
Age: 15+ years
Woven: Hand Knotted
Condition: Excellent
Size: 155 x 300cm, 1.55 x 3.00m, 5ft 1inch x 9ft 8inch 
Origin: Iran
Rug No: P7-239

It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity!

Where is the Turkman Tribe?

The majority of the Turkman tribe lives in the north and northeast sections of Iran. Rug weaving is one of the oldest arts in Turkmenistan and the surrounding region.
Marco Polo said in the 13th century, "Here they make the most exquisite and beautiful rugs in the world." The Turkman tribe has hand loomed rugs for many centuries.