Persian Handmade Kilim Shoulder Bag

SKU : P9-1012 (N)
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Condition: Newly made using vintage textiles
Material: Wool
Size: 32cm height x 30cm width x 9cm depth at base
Adjustable strap
Velcro flap to open/close
Has 2 small pockets on the inside wall.

Own these one of a kind and collectible Kilim carpets in the form of a durable and handsome backpack. Each backpack is unique in pattern and colour, due to the cut and stitching together of each piece, by Persian artisans.

All Kilims used for making these bags are old and genuine. Since every kilim is unique, the colouring and motifs will vary on each piece. These handbags/ backpacks are made with pieces of carpets and kilims joined to make a bag with inner lining and zipper, tassels and dori to hang - making it look fancy, oriental and fashionable simultaneously.

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