Persian Hand Made Vist Sarouk Rug Size: 215 x 164cm

SKU : P3-250
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Size is approx.: 215cm x 164cm 
Age: 25+ 
Condition : Good due to its age, a bit uneven shape, one side is slightly longer 
Materials: Wool & Cotton 
Pile: Wool 
Foundation: Cotton 
Rug No: P3-250 

Comes with a certificate of authenticity! 

Where is SAROUK? 
Sarouk (also Saruk or Sarough) rugs are those woven in the village of Saruk and also the city of Arak, Iran and the surrounding countryside. Sarouk rugs have been produced for much of the last century.  
This rug is an older Vist with very good colour. Vist is a production center in the south of the Sarouk area. 

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