Persian Hand Made Sirjan Square Kilim Rug Size: 128 x 128cm

SKU : P16-545

Persian Hand Made Sirjan Kilim Rug 

Rug Number P16-545
Type: Sirjan Soumak kilim
Size: 1.28 x 1.28meter
Design: Kilim
Pile: Hand Spun Wool- Flat Weave
Foundation: Wool
Condition: Excellent
Origin: Iran/ Sirjan

It comes with a Certificate of authenticity and Insurance valuation. 

Sirjan Rugs 
Traditionally Sirjan is a collection point for Afshar rugs. Sirjan is the main collection point for the large Afshar production area between Shiraz and Kerman. The city of Sirjan is located in the southwest corner of Kerman province. 

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