Intricate Persian Handmade Kerman Rug Size: 160 x 232cm

SKU : P7-238 (W)
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Skilled artisans meticulously hand craft each traditional rug design one knot at a time, resulting in an ultra-plush look and velvety feel that is enhanced by a palette of vibrant colors.

Size: 160 x 232cm, 1.60 x 2.32m, 5ft 2inch x 7ft 6inch 
Woven: Hand knotted
Foundation: Cotton
Pile: Wool
Origin: Iran/ Kerman
Age: 25+Years
Condition: Good condition
Rug Number: P7-238

When you purchase you will receive a Certificate of Authenticity!

Marco Polo praised the carpets of Kerman as a marvel to see in 1270. His description is still apt today. Kerman is the capital city of a province with the same name in South East Iran. It is a city of about 2 million people roughly 1000 kilometers southeast of Tehran. For the last 100 years or so, it has been a major source of high grade Persian carpets.

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