Persian Hand Made Kashmar Rug Size: 380 x 296cm

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Original, "Zire khaki" Kashmar Rug
Size:380 x 296cm
Woven:Hand knotted
Condition:Excellent due to its age!
Rug No:P9-130

It comes with a certificate of authenticity!

Kashmar Persian rugs are hand-woven in the city of Kashmar, in the province of Khorassan. The city is very old and has been known for its exquisite rugs for centuries.

Kashmar rugs are produced by master weavers and are renowned for their beauty. They are easy to spot because of their unique design and large size.

Kashmars usually depict the stories of important events in Persian history. There are often images of the ancient ruins and sculpture at Persepolis or the great Persian kings Daruis and Xerxes. Others Famous Design of Kashmars and in Farsi is called "ZIR KHAKI" design (reproduction of the old Kashan designs). Which translate exactly to "under earth" and is refereed to designs that depict archaeological artifacts found in Persia such as vases and other ornaments with designs of birds, etc.

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