Persian Hand Made Hossein Abad Rug 310cm x 155cm

SKU : P7-43
Hand Knotted guarantee!

Type: Original, One-of-a-kind
Size: 310cm x 155cm
Woven: Hand knotted
Foundation: Cotton
Pile: Wool
Style: Hossein abad
Origin: Hamedan Persian Rug
Age: 25+ years
Condition: Excellent due to its age!
Rug No: P7-43

It comes with a certificate of authenticity!

The History of Hosseinabad:

Hamedan is an ancient city just east of Kurdistan. The rugs woven in Hamedan and its surrounding areas "Enjelas, Chenar, Derjazin, Hussainabad and the Kurdish districts of Khamseh" are all marketed in the city. They comprise of a large part of all Persian tribal rugs. Hamedan rugs are hand-woven with vegetable-dyed wool.

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