Persian Hand Made Gabbeh Kilim Rug Size180 x 125cm

SKU : P9-1080 (N)
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Persian Hand Made Gabbeh Kilim Rug

Size: 180 x 125cm
Fundaton: Wool
Pile: Wool
Origion: Iran
Tribe: Shiraz
Age: New
Condition: Excellent
Rug No: P9-1080

It comes with a certificate of authenticity!

The gabbeh Kilim is the fusion of the kilim, which is flat-woven, and the gabbeh, which is knotted pile. The pile areas and the stark colors give this work of art a 3-dimensional, eclectic look. Gabbeh Kilim come from the Shiraz area in central Iran, woven by tribal and nomadic women who, using wool colored in natural dyes, recreate whatever comes to mind or see in their environment.

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