Persian Hand Made Footstool

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Home Decor Collection of mafrash* coffers is designed to be used as stools, tables and chests. Woven Mafrash are used by nomads as bedding transport bags, storage bags and backrest in their tent. Our mafrash Home Decor objects are created from a combination of old bags woven by Ghashgha’i nomads from soughtwestrn Iran, and new purpose-woven Gabbehs and Baluch Soumaks, which combine kilim, soumak and knotted rugs to give a jewel-like multi-textured surface ideal for the three-dimensional objects in this collection. The inside the Home Decor mafrash coffers is hard polystyrene block to keep them light and keep the shape.

Each piece is uniquely hand made and truly one of a kind!

Origin: Iran
Weaving Type: Hand-Knotted Rug / Hand Made Kilim
Age: New
Condition: Excellent
Size: L42 x W42 x H40 cm
SKU: P21-971904

This unique, authentic Persian footstool can be used as a chair, stool or footrest. We have many footstools in various colours and designs. Please check our other listings. 

*The literal meaning of the word mafrash is sheet or table cloth and the root of the word signifies to spread, to cover, or to furnish

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