Persian Hand Knotted Qashqai Rug Size: 126 x 212cm

SKU : P8-184 (N)
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Genuine 100% Hand Knotted Qashqai Gabbeh Rug 

One of a kind! 

Size Approx: 212x 126cm 

Design: GABBEH 

Condition: Great condition 

Foundation: Goat Hair 

Pile: Wool 

Age: 25+ Years 

Rug Number: P8-184 

Comes with a certificate of Authenticity! 

GABBEH is an interesting type of carpet. It has an extremely simple pattern and all have a geometric pattern. The world GABBEH means "unclipped". GABBEH distinct style of weaving is especially suitable for modern, or contemporary settings. The majority of GABBEH made by tribal people such as QASHQAI around SHIRAZ. 

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