Persian Hand Knotted "Nami Design" Tabriz Rug Size: 223cm x 155cm

SKU : P15-188

Persian Hand-Knotted "Nami Design" Tabriz Rug

This rug has the weavers signature woven into it.

Size is approx: 2.23meter x 1.55meter
Origin: Tabriz/ Iran
Design: Nami
Texture: Amazing, super soft and tight weave
Material: Pure Silk and Wool
Quality: Excellent
Condition: Great
SKU: P15-188

This rug comes with a certificate of authenticity.

This wonderful Persian Rug has been 100% handwoven in Tabriz, in the specific colorful fashion, displaying a Nami design. The foundation is Pure Silk and the weaving cords employed of wool and silk. This is woven by the designer and master weaver Mr Nami and it is signed at the bottom of the rug. The design which also called Gholinami or Zirokhaki gets its name and design from ancient Persia. Typically in the Nami design, they use images from the old Pasargad such as the image of Great King Cyrus, Soldiers riding horses and chariot, animals, vases and treasure chests, Assyrian motifs & much more.

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