Persian Hand Knotted Joshaqan Rug Size: 210 x 140cm

SKU : BF-2022160
Persian Hand-Knotted Joshaqan Rug!

Origin: Iran / Joshaqan
Weaving Type: Hand-knotted
Size: 2.10 meter x 1.40 meter
Pile: Wool
Foundation: Cotton
Age: Old/vintage 35+ years
Condition: Good condition, no hole or any damage, just short pile please see attached photos.
Rug Number: P16-327
Sku: BF-2022160

It comes with a certificate of authenticity!

Joshaghan rugs are woven on a cotton foundation with a wool pile and the use of the Persian knot. Because of their high quality and limited production, they are considered very good investments

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