Overdyed Vintage Patchwork Rug Size: 170 x 240cm

SKU : P9-566 (W)
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 Size: 240 x 170cm 

Origin: Iran
Hand Knotted Guarantee
Colour: Green and Red
Rug Number: P9-566

This is a one-of-a-kind multi-color Patchwork Rug made from over-dyed vintage handmade Persian Rugs.

These splendid floor coverings are made from assorted vintage Persian rugs washed several times, sheared low to give a worn effect and to reduce the strength of the designs in original rugs, then over-dyed in solid colors with Swedish chrome textile dyes. They are then cut in rectangles, the edges are stitched all around and the patches are sewn to create a single rug with various tones of a particular color.

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