Moroccan Boucherouite Vintage Rug Size: 216 x 107cm

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Size: 2.16meter x 1.07meter

Type: Boucherouite

Origin: Azilal

Condition:  Clean, not damaged or stained.

This Moroccan berber rug is called Boucherouite. Boucherouite rugs are one of the famous berber carpets used to decorate moroccan houses.

BOUCHEROUITE is the art of hand-loomed colorful vintage rag rugs made up out of clothing fabric scarps by village women in remote Moroccan Berber tribes.

A composition of thousands of small recycled pieces of old and used fabrics turns into such unique and fully artistic pieces.

Each Boucheroite rug carry beside its artistic appearance thousands of stories, because each piece of the fabric has its story, it represent also the feelings and emotions of the woman who transferred it into a piece of art.

This colorful Boucherouite rug will bring joy into your house and will make your patio, garden or room shine.

The rug is clean, not damaged or stained.

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