Modern Plain Beige and Cream Border High Quality Handmade Wool & Bamboo Silk Rug

SKU : Border-NB161-160
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These Handwoven Rugs add velvety vibes to any room! And the plain Neutral Natural Wool Colour can make these Rugs feel right just anywhere in the Home. Ideal for any part of the House, be it Living room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Hallway or Office.

These high-quality hand-loomed rugs have a very special charm! Their wool is spun by hand and therefore very soft and tender. If you want to create an oasis of well being at home then you will appreciate the warmth of this rug very much. In an incredibly natural way, this bright rug adds a touch of comfort to every room and generates a cozy aesthetic feel. This perfectly soft and tender rug is the ideal complement to your natural-looking furniture! It is highly extravagant and will add comfort and style to your home, blends with all kinds of modern as well as traditional furniture without dominating it. This elegant rug creates a very cozy atmosphere!

Composition NZ Wool & Bamboo Silk 

Made in India

Colour: Beige & Cream

SKU:  Border-NB161

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