HandMade Afghan Mashvani Runner
Rug NO: PK5-159
Type: Afghan Mashvani Kilims
Size: 236 x 58cm
Design: Kilim
Pile: Hand Spun Wool- Flat Weave
Foundation: Wool
Condition: Excellent
Origin: Afghanistan

It comes with a certificate of authenticity!

Mushwani is a kilim and carpet mix with Sumac (embroidery), three techniques in one, produced by the Mushwani is a name of tribe in Herat, in southwestern Afghanistan. A master weave, it is also known as the Barjista kilim. Designs are always geometric and most of the pieces come in square and rectangular sizes, as well as runners. It is made with fine Beljic wool, which has a velvety feel. Mushwani carpets are famous these days because of its uniqueness, and it is done by very skillful women of Afghanistan.