Exceptional Quality Detailed Hand Knotted Wool/Silk Rug Size: 123 x 178cm

SKU : PK7-60
Save 20%

100% Genuine Hand Knotted!

Size: 178cm x 123cm
Foundation: Cotton
Pile: Wool & Silk
Texture: Super fine quality
Origin: Pakistan
Design: Kashan
Rug Number: PK7-60

It comes with a certificate of authenticity!

Pak Persian Rugs consists of the finest quality rugs made by Pakistani master weavers, who have passed down the skill from generation to generation since the Mogul rule of the Indian subcontinent in the 16th century. For this reason, they are also often referred to as Mogul rugs. The materials used in these rugs are top quality wool and Silk for the pile.

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