Hand Knotted Afghan Ersari Rug Size: 209 x 300cm



Afghan Hand Knotted Ersari Rug 

Size: 300 x 209cm
Woven: Hand knotted
Foundation: Cotton
Pile: Wool
Category: Tribal
Origin: Afghanistan
Age: New
Rug Number: Pk7-55

It comes with a certificate of authenticity!

Natural Dyes. This Ersari rug was made to emulate the transcendent Ersari rugs of the 18th and 19th centuries. The dyes sources include madder root for red, indigo for blue, and insparak flower or pomegranate husks for yellow. Manipulation and combination of these dye sources allows for a wide palette of colors. Wool is as important as dyes to the creation of a great rug. Only hand carded, hand spun wool is used. All of the carpets are washed in soap and water only. While they may shine less initially, the long-term benefits are great. This is the way in which these rugs were traditionally finished. The wonderful sheen they develop only increases after years of use and washing.