Hand Knotted Afghan Belgique Rug Size: 198cm x 155cm

SKU : NZ-1120(N)

This Authentic Oriental Afghan Belgique Rug is Hand Knotted of 100% Hand Spun Lamb's Wool.

Approx Size: 1.98m x 1.55m

Foundation: Lamb's Wool

Pile: Lamb's Wool

Age: Brand New

Condition: Excellent / Collectable piece

Origin: Afghanistan

Tribe: Belgique

Rug Number: NZ-112

It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity!

If you already own Afghan rugs you will be familiar with the traditional red and black format of the Nazhat and Khan Mohammadi style of carpet. They are robust rugs at a reasonable cost. Great value. The Belgique Rugs takes these traditional designs and reproduces them in the finest quality possible. The technical difficulties of weaving a rug of this quality using a woolen warp and weft are unbelievable. It's unlikely that you will have ever seen a Belgique rug for they are rare things. There is no mistaking them. The design is intricate and pin sharp. The wool lustrous and the colour glowing.

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