Fabric Cat Doll Toy Keyring with Reusable Folding Shopping Bag

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Fabric Cat Doll Toy Keyring with Reusable Folding Shopping Bag

Practical, funny & cute!


Fabric, Buttons, Thread, Zipper, Hook Keyring & Polyester Shopping bag 

Cat Doll Bag accessory, Fabric Doll Toy can be used as a Wallet, Shopping bag reusable, foldable shopping bag holder, coin purse

This cute Cat Doll is hand made and is made out of Cotton Fabric, Adorned with buttons and stitches, sewn on professional sewing machine.

The body part is stuffed, but the head isn't, so with our practical zipper, this empty space can be used as a wallet or for carrying the reusable shopping bag that it comes with.
It also has attached a large keyring/hook so you can attach it on your bag or your belt.
We sew on the shopping bag a small hoop to hang the doll if you like (see pictures)
It will give a very cute tone to your everyday outfit!

- SIZE: 
The length of the doll is: 16cm (with the keyring is 21cm)
Width: 11cm

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