Square OVERDYED Handmade Vintage Persian Rug Size: 281 x 286cm

SKU : PK20-1050 (N)
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Overdyed Vintage Hand-Knotted Persian Rug!


This Overdyed Vintage Rug transports whispers of the past into modern-day chic through colour, scale and texture.


Size: 2.81 x 2.86 meters (9.21 ft x 9.38 ft)

Origin: Iran

Hand-Knotted Guarantee

Wool Pile on Cotton Foundation

Colour: Dark Brown / Black

Rug Number: PK20-1050


This Vintage Hand-knotted Persian Rug has been deep washed and then over-dyed one colour, keeping its traditional feel with a modern twist. Great if you want a Persian rug with more subdued colouring.

Please feel free to enquire should you need a rug in a different color & size.

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