Beni Ourain, White Moroccan Rug Size: 142 x 105cm

SKU : LE3-667
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Our rugs are one-of-a-kind, authentic vintage carpets directly sourced from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

They were handwoven by local artisans and make the most beautiful addition to a home or business. Each piece has a rich history and bring life and colour to any space.

All of our rugs are cleaned prior to leaving Morocco.


Size is approx: 1.42meter x 1.05meter

Origin: Morocco

Texture: Thick Pile and Kilim on the sides, This mixed height is complemented by the choice of cream white and stark black colourways, as well as by the geometric vertical guard border, resembling a classic design while giving dimensionality to this piece through varying textures

Tribe: Middle Atlas 

Foundation: Pure Wool

Pile: Pure Hand Spun Wool

Condition: Excellent

SKU: LE3-667

It comes with a certificate of authenticity!

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