Beni Ourain, Multi Colour Moroccan Rug Size: 156 x 115cm

SKU : LE3-699
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Our rugs are one-of-a-kind, authentic vintage carpets directly sourced from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. They were handwoven by local artisans and make the most beautiful addition to a home or business. Each piece has a rich history and brings life and colour to any space.

Size is approx: 1.56meter x 1.15meter

Origin: Morocco

Texture: Thick Pile and Kilim on the sides

Tribe: Middle Atlas 

Foundation: Pure Wool

Pile: Pure Hand Spun Wool

Condition: Excellent

SKU: LE3-699


All of our rugs are cleaned prior to leaving Morocco.

This rug comes with a certificate of authenticity!

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