Afghan Hand Made Cushion Cover/Saddle Bag

SKU : PK12-134 (W)
Origin: Afghanistan
Weaving Type: Hand knotted rug
Size: 36cm x 36cm
Weft/Warp: Wool
Condition: Excellent
Number: PK12-134

The Khorjin (alternate spellings of this Afghan word) is a pair of joined saddle bags either knotted and piled or flat woven. A complete Khorjin is comprised of two bags - when pairs are separated, the halves were normally used as small mats, carrying bags or cushion covers. Rug dealers often still call these halves a "Donkey Bag" or a "Saddle Bag" though they were usually carried by a man or a woman over the shoulder and used as a fascinating brand of shopping basket.

The Khorjin bags were made by the tribal nomads weavers throughout Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Beluchistan The beautiful bag presented here, was made by an extremely talented Baluch group of weavers from Afghanistan and it represents the choicest best quality of small pieces of Beluchistan weave that are of rich yet subdued colours.

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