Afghan Hand Made Cushion Cover / Saddle Bag

SKU : PK12-154 (W)
Origin: Afghanistan
Weaving Type: Hand knotted rug
Size: 30cm x 33cm
Weft/Warp: Wool
Condition: Excellent
SKU: PK12-154

The Khorjin (alternate spellings of this Afghan word) is a pair of joined saddle bags either knotted and piled or flat woven. A complete Khorjin is comprised of two bags - when pairs are separated, the halves were normally used as small mats, carrying bags or cushion covers. Rug dealers often still call these halves a "Donkey Bag" or a "Saddle Bag" though they were usually carried by a man or a woman over the shoulder and used as a fascinating brand of shopping basket.

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