Afghan Hand Knotted Modern Design Choubi Rug Size: 277cm x 201cm

SKU : Pk16-87
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Genuine 100% Hand Knotted Rug

Size: 277cm x 201cm (2.77m x 2.01m)
Design: Choubi
Origin: Afghanistan
Condition: Excellent Condition, Super Soft & Silky
Age: New
Material: Wool Pile/ Cotton Foundation
Rug Number: PK16-87

It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity!

This rug is a beautiful Genuine Vegetable Dye Choubi. It is a workshop carpet, hand knotted in a Master Weaving House in the Northern Mountainous Regions of Afghanistan. The pile is hand spun wool and the dyes used are natural. Chobis are well woven rugs; they are woven on a strong cotton warp and weft, and are suited for dining and formal rooms. The wool has a natural glow and there is a colour variation depending on the angle they are viewed.

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