Modern Faded Look Turkish Rug Size: 160 x 230cm
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Art silk and chenille rug with an Abstract Design!

Size: 230 x 160cm
Material: Art silk (viscose is a natural fiber) and acrylic chenille.
Color: Brown, Beige, Grey and Cream
Features: Machine made
Made in: Turkey
Texture: Silky, luxurious pile & super soft
Cleaning and Care: Blot stains, Regular Vacuuming

Designed to mimic silk, they are also popular in formal living rooms and sitting areas. Whether a pastel braided style or a more contemporary design, a chenille rug can provide a cosy spot in any part of your house.

Please note that due to the fibres, which are just like silk, one side of the rug looks darker and the other side lighter. This is because of the NAP, which is why we have provided a number of images so you can see the affect from all sides.