Vintage Deep Blue Beni Mguild Rug Size :322 x 207cm

SKU : LE3-66
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Luxurious Deep Blue Beni Mguild

Size is approx: 3.22m x 2.07meter 

Origin: Morocco 

Tribe: Beni Mguild

Foundation: Pure Wool 

Pile: Pure Wool 

Condition: Excellent

SKU: LE3-66


It comes with a certificate of authenticity!


All of our rugs are handmade in Morocco by women using traditional techniques of the nomadic Amazigh (Berber) tribes. Each tribe possesses its own distinctive style defined by colour, pattern, technique and materials. Because the Amazigh language was traditionally non-written, women utilized rug making as a medium of personal expression and storytelling passed down over generations. Traditionally the women do not work from any preset plans, but instead respond intuitively to their looms row by row revealing the full composition of their creation only once the rug is completed and removed from the loom. Each rug takes several weeks to months to create.

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