Overdyed Handmade Vintage Persian Rug Size: 336 x 251cm

SKU : PK22-79
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This Overdyed Vintage Rug transports whispers of the past into modern-day chic through colour, scale and texture.

Size: 3.36 x 2.51 meters
Origin: Iran
Hand-Knotted Guarantee
Wool Pile on Cotton Foundation
Colour: Gold
Rug Number: PK22-79

This vintage hand-knotted Persian rug has been deep washed and then re-dyed (overdyed) one colour. Keeping some of the traditional style with a modern twist. Note that overdyed rugs do not have much pile. It is very durable and can be used in both residential and commercial interiors, made of wool pile on cotton foundation. It can be vacuum cleaned as often as needed, wiped, washed by hand or cleaned professionally by an oriental rug cleaner. It has a re-sale value since it is a handmade (hand-knotted) rug.

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