Silky Hand-Knotted Bukhara Rug Size: 176 x 123 cm

SKU : PK25-127 (N)
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Hand Made Bukhara Rug

Size: 1.73 x 1.25meter
Foundation: Cotton
Pile: Wool
Origin: Pakistan
Tribe: Bukhara
Age: New
Texture: Silky texture, super soft and tight weave
Rug Number: PK25-125

It comes with a certificate of authenticity!

Bukhara is among the most popular handmade rugs. Using a combination of NZ and local Pakistani wool on a cotton base, the Pakistani Bokhara has a very soft and thick pile

High quality, high knot count (200 KPSI) Bokhara rugs are woven in the Peshawar region by skilled artisan weavers

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