The Perfect Rug To Start Your Hand Knotted Collection

Hand Knotted rugs are truly pieces of art, with hours of labour going into each one. No two rugs are the same which gives them unique character and charm. The craftsmanship of hand made rugs stands out against rugs that are machine made and gives them a history.

Often consumers are overwhelmed by the variety of hand knotted rugs available, and can become confused about which design, colours and tribes they prefer.

For customers just starting out in the hand knotted market, Afghan rugs are a great introduction into the rug world. Made in Afghanistan, these rugs remain significantly tied to their tribal roots, as they reinvent typical patterns and colours of their area.


A Choubi rug's pile is hand spun wool and the dyes used are natural. Choubi's are well woven rugs; they are woven on a strong cotton warp and weft and are suited for dining and formal rooms. The wool has a natural glow and there is a colour variation depending on the angle they are viewed. 

The word "choubi" was derived from the Farsi word "chob" which means wood. This refers to the source of the Choubi rugs natural dyes; fruits, vegetables, roots, tree bark and dried shells. Because of the natural dye used, Choubi rugs are known for their soft muted colours that range from browns to coppers and maroons, and even to unusual blues and greens. Choubi rugs tend to have large geometric floral patterns and have a main characteristic of an abrash effect,or marbled effect, based on the fine nature of the hand-spun wool.

 [Hand Knotted Choubi Rug pictured above, Afghan Hand Knotted Choubi Rug Size: 199 x 292cm (SKU: PK19-6)] 


 [Hand Knotted Choubi Rug pictured above, Afghan Hand Knotted Choubi Rug Size: 255 x 295cm (SKU: PK14-11)] 


 [Hand Knotted Choubi Rug pictured above, Afghan Hand Knotted Choubi Rug Size: 250 x 304cm (SKU: PK12-2)] 

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