Selecting the Right Colour for Your Rug!

In terms of colours, it is essential to choose a colour that you really like and won’t get sick of quickly. There are no right or wrong colours; it only comes down to your tastes and preferences. However, it is good advice to match up a particular colour in the room, for example the colour of your walls, curtains, cushions or artworks.

Always keep the colour matching subtle and not over the top, in order to harmonize everything in your room. If your space is already full of colours, you don’t necessarily need to try and match your rug to its environment, it is best to choose a neutral colour.

The opposite applies for a very neutral room; a bright coloured rug will look great. In matching a wall or furniture colour, your rug will help make your design come together.

Keep in mind that you will always get a colour variation depending on the material you’ll choose, as different yarns absorb light differently. Natural fibers like wool tend to absorb light more than synthetic fibers. Also, light will vary depending on which side of the yarn it is reflected off. The cut edge of the yarn will always show colours darker than the other side.


These are images from our lovely customers who have shared their rugs that they have bought from us on our Rugs Direct Facebook page!


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