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All stock showing on the website are in NZ and are available for fast delivery or same day pick up from our showrooms 🚚
All stock showing on the website are in NZ and are available for fast delivery or same day pick up from our showrooms 🚚
Part 2: Can I Put A Tribal Rug Into My Modern Home? #Lockdowndesigner

Part 2: Can I Put A Tribal Rug Into My Modern Home? #Lockdowndesigner

Tribal Rugs

Tribal rugs form a subset of traditional rugs. Terms such Bohemian, Scandinavian, and Caucasian styles are interchangeable. The myth that traditional tribal rugs are not for modern interiors is far from the truth!!! In fact, many of New Zealand’s top designers are using tribal rugs in colonial, French-styled, contemporary, and Mediterranean-styled homes.

Part 1 of this #Lockdowndesigner series illustrated the importance of contrast and the constraints we must abide by to successfully achieve the look you are after. Most modern interiors are clean-lined and simplistic. Tribal rugs are the perfect pieces to add because the imperfect nature and its authenticity provide a point of interest. It is pretty much a piece of art decorating the floor or wall if you prefer it hanging. For those under the misconception that tribal rugs are too busy, fear not, as tribal rugs often feature large geometric patterns with complementary colours for the modern home (refer to part 1 to learn about complementary colours).

Moroccan Rugs

Probably the most simple and easy-to-fit rug in modern homes, the Moroccan rug collection is a must have!!! Handmade in the sub-zero temperatures of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, these rugs are thick, heavy, soft, and luscious. The simple patterns also provide a seamless point of interest. Originally made as sleeping rugs, these luxurious Moroccan rugs are sure to be a hit in the living room and bedroom.

Images via Pinterest

Afghan & Persian Rugs

If you are feeling bold, you should try your creativity with Afghan and Persian tribal rugs. These stunning pieces of art are largely handmade by nomads in the region. The authentic look of these rugs will add some flair to your modern interior. The colours of these rugs typically come in warm colours so they will bring the warmth that most white/beige/brown modern interiors so desperately need.

If you like the above styled rug, you should check out our Shiraz, Vist, Tuyserkan, Luri, and Baluchi collection rugs.

Image via Pinterest

The above photo is an example of a Kazak rug. This person has added tribal design cushions to also tie this rug into the room. Kazak rugs typically use brighter shades of red and blue. They are perfect for adding life to the area. See our full range of Kazak rugs here.

Turkish Rugs & Kilim

Turkish rugs come from the Anatolian region. Many of our Anatolian rugs are a vintage collection. These rugs come in faded warm colours. For those after a slight colour shade contrast, these rugs and runners could be the perfect solution for your area.

Image via

See our full range of Turkish rugs and runners here.

Turkish Kilims are our top-of-the-range lightweight flatweave rugs. The warm colours of the Kilim along with its minimalist texture make for a versatile rug. Not only is it stunning enough to stand as a lounge rug, it is also the perfect tribal rug for kitchen, entrance, and bathroom arrangements where bulky rugs are not needed.

Check out our Turkish Kilim range here.

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