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All stock showing on the website are in NZ and are available for fast delivery or same day pick up from our showrooms 🚚
All stock showing on the website are in NZ and are available for fast delivery or same day pick up from our showrooms 🚚
Looking for custom size rugs? Five styles you can’t miss…

Looking for custom size rugs? Five styles you can’t miss…

Custom size rugs can be the perfect way to define and differentiate space, especially in open-concept living.

Whether you’re framing a seating area, texturising a bedroom, or sectioning off a breakfast or work-from-home nook, custom area rugs can be just the element needed to bring everything in that space together.

In this blog we look at some styles to keep in mind as you head out to choose your perfect custom size rug.

Play with monochromatic styles for smaller spaces

A monochromatic rug uses fibres of the same colour, though many include different shades and tones of a certain colour family. Most of these rugs are made with neutral colours such as grey, cream, and taupe, though you’ll find some are available in vibrant shades such as spice and turquoise.

With a single colour tone, monochromatic custom size rugs would be perfectly suited for smaller spaces as they don’t “take over” the setting – they just blend in. Mixing texture with monochromatic colours is a great way to add more dimension into your space.

Fall in love with chevron

Chevron is a hugely popular rug pattern that packs a big punch. A chevron rug is a rug with a zigzag, V-shaped pattern to it. It’s great for anyone who likes striped rugs but is looking for something with a touch more personality.

Since the rugs pack in so much, take the “less is more” approach when decorating spaces where your chevron rug will be used. You don’t need to add more bold elements as this rug will do the job for you. That said, another chevron element like a throw or vase in the same space could add the extra zing to your space. Try it!

Be loud and proud

Neutral tones will always have their place, but a move towards colour and bolder prints such as geometric designs express personality on the opposite side of the spectrum.

Vibrant, daring custom size rugs with dynamic patterns and lively colours are becoming increasingly popular. A home is a place where you can be yourself – be comfortable and be confident. Bold rug designs enable you to be both.

Warm tones and natural materials are a classic

What never goes out of style are warmer, earthy, natural and authentic designs. And after being at home more than usual this last year, we’re drawn to colours that make us feel warm and textiles that create a sense of comfort.

This holds true for your choice of custom size rugs too. Look at earthy-toned, natural materials such as sisalwool, or jute to create a sense of calm.

These classics don’t just stand the test of time for style, but are highly performant in high-traffic situations.

The vintage factor

Yes, vintage is new again. If you’re searching for rugs online you're bound to come across dozens of "vintage" pieces, perfectly faded to achieve an old look. They may look drab and dated, faded vintage rugs are back in style—pair with more modern furniture to keep this look fresh. Browse through some of our vintage rugs collection here.

To conclude

Now that your head is abuzz with ideas, go to our online store or visit us in-store to get a custom size rug that is perfect for your space. Choosing the colour, style, shape and edging will ensure your custom rug has the unique individual look and feel underfoot.

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