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All stock showing on the website are in NZ and are available for fast delivery or same day pick up from our showrooms 🚚
All stock showing on the website are in NZ and are available for fast delivery or same day pick up from our showrooms 🚚
Everything about perfect Bedroom Rugs.

Everything about perfect Bedroom Rugs.

You want to turn a basic bedroom into something cozy and serene? Rugs Direct can guide you to select an amazing Bedroom rug out of our collection. As bed-sheets, pillow covers and curtains play a major role in setting up a bedroom, so does an area rug, which adds an extra element. Bedroom rugs are essential so it's important not to skip this décor item. Keep reading on for some more information on Bedroom Rugs selection, you might end up making some great choices for your own.
Why Bedroom Rugs?
Adding a rug to the bedroom is a must, just like adding accessories to basic attire
which provides a whole host of wonderful benefits as well! Embracing Rugs is a
great way to add a style statement to the room. It gives the impression of
Functional Benefits: A Rug can be used to create separate areas in the room, break up a room; creating a more personal areas and settings. It provides a warm feeling when stepped upon on cold mornings, and can be used to hide damages and scratches or stains on the floor. In addition, rugs provide a preventative damage solution for flooring.
It's better to determine what one wants out of a rug in order to get the best "bang
for your buck".
How to choose the size of the Rug?
Once the spot has been chosen for bed, it is important to determine the cover-able area and measure the minimum length and width. If one prefers placing it beneath a bed, one's best bet would be to measure- the length and width of the extended floor around the bed. So, you will have both maximum and minimum measurements that could help open a wide range for selection.
In larger bedrooms where there is space for amenities, small rugs could do wonders by creating a different space or section-off with great effect and an open feel. Whereas for smaller bedrooms where there is not enough space for anything other than a bed or any accessory, a larger rug placed beneath the bed could tie in the room and give a cozy intimate side rather than just a small basic bedroom. 
How to Choose the Rug Style?
Rugs show up in different styles, colour, collection, and pattern. First, you need to
know if you want to opt. for Handmade Rug or Machine-made Rug. The rug in the
bedroom reflects one's personal taste and style. Heavily decorated bedrooms with
bright pictures and artworks are best suited with a tone down rug. Bedrooms with
neutral colours go well with patterned colour rugs to light up the area; it is a wise
choice to maintain contrast and combinations with surroundings.
Tips to select what material - bedroom rugs are best for use:
Rugs are categorized as Hand-made made from wool. Machine-made, made out of a variety of materials as Synthetic fibre and Natural fibre: wool, jute, viscose, polypropylene, polyester, bamboo silk. It is wise to select the material according to the traffic in the bedroom and if one prefers to have a pet-friendly rug or not. One material is maybe more favourable than another in accordance with their properties. If it's high traffic area and pets are involved it's better to select the right category (Machine-made) in terms of cleaning and durability, one can maintain.
First Rug, Second accessories!
Before accessorizing the bedroom, it's better to first place the rug, not the other
way around. It results in better convenience as well as a better layout. It is wise to
match accessories with rugs when placed after.
Take a look at some of our favourite Bedroom Rugs:
Persian hand knotted ardakan rug
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